July 20, 1969, Human takes first step on the moon.

Humans have a natural instinct to explore and increase our understanding of what surrounds us. First it began on a international level, where explorers ventured out to uncover new land. But it could not end there, a desire of many of us was to see for ourselves what existence was way up beyond the earths atmosphere. It’s our natural born desire to expand our knowledge.  curiosity is for sure a driving factor that drives this instinct.

I’m not an astronaut or famous worldly explorer myself but we all on some level are investigators and explorers. Curiosity comes in different doses I would say for myself, I have a relative amount of curiosity in me. I lived in a different country for a year, I have travelled to multiple countries, I moved 4 hours from home to attend university. All of this, I’ve done because I am curious of new environments and curious of how i will grow and react to all the changes I push myself to go through.

I am thankful for curiosity as it has taken me to a place of understanding,of what I want to do with my life. If I was not curious to explore my theatrical side then I would have not been aware of my talents in drama and motivated to explore more in the entertainment industry.

Curiosity not only helps discover new places physically but it also helps discover desires and abilities within one self. Its an agent that expands our knowledge on the world, on ourselves and each other which I think is incredibly vital for the human race well being.





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