My first blog account, I will do my Best *insert scared monkey emoji*

So my first ever blog post.. here I go. The topic is broad, we hear this question plenty – “Why are you here?”. In general, I’m in university to give myself a better chance at pursuing what I have dreamed to be involved with, the entertainment industry, show biz darling. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a drama queen and I sometimes I like to imagine my life is a running reality TV series, every moment has a deep meaning and each event is a cliff hanger.. will I catch a bus to uni or will I drive/ :0 I adopt fictionalising tendencies for sure. When I was a child, every year along with my sister and next door neighbour, we would throw a dance concert which evolved to a home movie screening, to then a live standup comedy act. Any form of entertainment i could think of, i would attempt to perform. So from a young age, I was curious to all the many ways humans can be entertained.


After finishing high school I gave myself a year to decide what i wanted to do with my life. What avenue would I take? I wanted to explore the desire i had for the arts, and so decided that doing a double degree in theatre and communications was my best bet to learn more about the different aspects of the relationship between audiences and the entertainment industry. The communications degree gives me the opportunity to expand my skills on how to write and research the various domains that occupy and entice peoples’ attention. The course gives me the luxury to learn more about popular culture in all its forms which is awesome for me because i get to move closer to finding what specific area i would like to work in.

I cant say for sure that I know where I’m going, I may be in a different state, country, field of knowledge.. who knows! I am here right now because it’s where I think I will grow and learn the most. I am here because I want to be.


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