Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

An image and what it portrays depends entirely on the ideologies of each person who views it. An image has the capability of oozing out many, many different meanings; each person will have their own conclusion to what they view. So although an image of chocolate causes me to think of the word delicious, for someone who is allergic, chocolate is associated with thoughts of a horrid allergic outbreak.

To break it down, an image is digested in two stages. First is what you see at first glance, which is called the signifier. And secondly what your brain then interprets, the signified.


I decided to choose this image to analyse as it addresses an ongoing issue that society seems to turn their back to; global warming. The signified or other wise known as the denotation, is a small boy building sand, and in the foreground are large structures. The connotations of this image for me, is the growing amount of pollution in our atmosphere that factories create, which will one day change future generations’ reality; living in a world consumed by filth and impurities. The little boy building smaller versions of the towers that exert fog suggests that human behaviour will continue to alter the natural environment. Each generation are influenced by the ongoing general consensus that to grow as a society, we must continue to build and create despite the effects on our habitat. It is my own belief that global warming is very real and there are numerous statistics that prove this statement. For example it is hard to ignore the studies that prove 71 of 74 cities in China fail to meet the standards of what is believed to be healthy air quality.



Although I view this image as one that alludes to the future of our society’s well being, there are those who would perceive this image as extreme and deny that human behaviour is the cause of the planet’s altered nature.

I come from a home where I was encouraged to practice things like recycle and compost, walk rather than drive, eat from ethical sources; I was educated on all the effects that humans have on the environment and the other living beings we share it with. Because I grew up with this education that was focused on harmonised living with the environment, I draw the connotation of global warming from the image provided.


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