The Dilemma I have with Technology

Monday’s lecture came as a surprise, I least expected to question all the life choices I have made in life up until this point. It stunned me a little, I was left pondering life as I walked through the rain to a Lionel Richie classic, only I could hear.

In all seriousness though, the questions Susan proposed made me establish to myself why I am at this current place in my life. I am a second year uni student studying a double degree, Communications Media and Theatre,  in hopes of landing a career somewhere in the pool of entertainment. Slight problem not knowing what exactly, but it has become clear to me the longer I plough through my studies, that THAT is okay; My mind is yet to be opened. Due to this desire of mine, to be involved in media arts, my interpretations on media space is a very important and relevant topic. Media space is a virtual world where people can communicate and share creations without being in the same physical setting. A whole new experience is born through a media space that inspires creativity everyday. 

 I must have had a positive experience with my involvement in the world of social media, to want to study all the different angles of its existence.  I would say I was a late bloomer in my interest in social media. I eventually succumbed to  the new media world, peer pressured and almost made to feel like I was missing out and was being left behind. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram didn’t seem so “red hot” when I first signed up, but as my followers vs following ratio grew, so did my unhealthy reliance. This was not bought to my attention for some time as it was an epidemic, all my friends were just as consumed by it. My sister was on another level, she had over 1000 followers on Instagram, and was almost always checking her Snapchat and Facebook feed. Photographs were taken at every opportunity, and finding the right caption and filter were pivotal for a likeable picture. A trip to the United States and Canada changed both hers and mines relationship with social media. So much of my sisters attention, and admittedly some of mine too, was on the photos being taking for social media purposes: getting the right shot, and making people envious of our travels. After some nagging from the parentals to leave the phone, for experimental purposes, Chloe decided to delete both Instagram and Snapchat. Her eyes were opened, she was now soaked up in the real picture instead of viewing it through a phone camera screen, and was now appreciating moments that she may not have experienced before. Seeing this transformation in my sister, small but significant, made me much more conscious of the use of technology.


Im torn, I’m both a supporter and sceptic of social media. It depends on how it’s used. It can be a place where people stay in contact with loved ones and the world. It is a platform where many creations are made and shared. However the pleasures that advancing technology offers, can be skewed and not acknowledged when people start basing theirs and others self worth on it. For me it’s about not letting it take over your “real” life. 


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