The Korean Wave – Why it’s making such a big splash



The Film & Tv industry is booming. It is 2 trillion dollar industry, bringing in 286.17 billion U.S. dollars in revenue every year. With this comes competition, and although America dominates as the most recognised for their film and TV production, South Korea is giving it a run for its money. Although once the Korean Film & TV industry was non existent, in 2006 the industry’s domestic market share was at an impressive 64%. Jump forward to today and it is now dominating viewer’s choice in Asian countries such as Japan and China.

‘The polycentric dispersion of the contemporary world has progressed so far that Americanisation cannot be the only carrier of cultural power.’ – Arjun Appadurai (1996)

The Asian phenomenon in South Korea is known as the “Korean Wave”, only taking off roughly 10 years ago, it has grown to be the 7th largest film market in the world and regularly exporting music, TV & Film, and paraphernalia. And with the introduction of new media, allows for new ways of promotion which has helped support the Korean entertainment movement. There are a couple of reasons behind it’s success; Firstly Money buys success, especially in the entertainment industry, and according to The Asian Journal of Communication (2009, p. 40), South Korea ranks 12th largest economy worldwide, making funding available to their entertainment industry that many other Asian countries don’t have. Another reason for their thriving fame, is South Korea’s ability to produce TV and Film that many Asian cultures can relate to. The dramatic, soulful, exciting themes in the TV and Film productions, attract the attention of many Asian audiences.

Korean approach to entertainment is bizarre and extravagant, which makes for a pretty impressionable industry. The stir it’s caused makes me intrigued to check out the world of K-Popular culture, you never know I could be their next biggest fan.



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