Dive on in #BCM112

Coming into this class I wasn’t so sure what to expect but an education in memes was not on the radar! I am a rookie in the field so bare with me as I attempt to produce some memes in the “punniest” and wittiest way possible.

q3ecJOu - Imgur






Along with my experimentation with making some dank memes, the digital artefact assignment gives us a chance to play with some other fun ways to express ourselves on the internet. So far in my communications degree, I haven’t created something that pushes the creative envelope. Maybe because I am a big overthinker and therefore the fun is taken out of the task. I am usually afraid of putting something out there that is “wrong” or doesn’t correctly follow the criteria, and so when our lecturer Ted brought up FEFO, an abbreviation for Fail Early; Fail Often, it reminded me that great works usually come from many previous attempts and experiments. So with that insecurity addressed, I have been brainstorming ideas for an artefact that revolve around travel. It’s something I really value in life, I have learnt so much about myself from my experiences overseas and it has given me a genuine appreciation for different lifestyles and cultures. It’s early days but I was thinking of creating a travel blog or Instagram page that tells stories of my own and others on their travels. I am hopeful that this will draw people in and create a community because travel is something that connects people in the way people are either passionate about it, dream about it, curious about it or just do it (or all of the above!).

Stay tuned.. :p


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