The ‘Postmodern’ takes matters into their own hands

Legacy media was once a stream of information fed to society which was consumed and often unquestioned, it was a centralised and controlled source of information. The birth of the internet, a distributed network, gave people access to multiple information sources taking silent consumers to listeners, who analysed, compared and challenegd information to form an opinion of their own of what they believed to be the truth. Society formerly known as the audience are no longer required to just read and listen, but to actively participate in a conversation on current affairs and create new information that helps spread news of their own.


The internet serves as a platform to research, share and create, so people are bound to obtain the confidence and will to express their own opinions and concerns for society and the environment in which we live. Specifically, our outspoken creative minds of the world, are creating works that are increasingly political in the message it sends to audiences, providing an alternative from the news presented by mainstream media organisations.This creative and abstract form of information falls under the movement of the postmodern, an art that aims to send a powerful message in a bold and unconventional depiction.

Lemi Ponifasio who established the New Zealand dance company in 1995 practices a style of dance, Butoh, and describes it as an outlet to critically assess the world around us, and a form of art that encourages one to stand as a choreographer as well as an activist. Works of his such as Tempest: Without a Body, which toured around the world in 2011, explored his concern for the death of the natural environment and also the socioeconomic divide between the north and south. Tempest: Without a Body is a clear example of the opportunities Butoh gives for raising a voice for the minorities in our power hungry society, and the types of new makers and creations people are inspired to share because no longer does there need to be one outlet for spreading news.


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