Copyright = Party pooper

Copyright laws sees that the Big buck movie and media companies retain a high level of power to control the ways in which you interact with the content they create and distribute to the public. It is a system that regulates creativity so the big issue I see here is how much freedom is left in our culture. There are shackles attached to what you are entitled to watch, adapt and recreate which makes it hard to know what is legally acceptable.


I was interested to see how much of what I am publishing on the internet is deemed “acceptable” and “unacceptable”. It is common knowledge that downloading movies and tv series on online streaming websites and torrents are illegal and I’ll loosely admit that I am an low grade offender (jeez I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me on the bU%$). And I’ll agree that if you enjoy the gifts of the entertainment industry and you want the good stuff to continue on giving then you need to support them by paying for the legal copies of their works so when the metadata retainment scheme was announced in 2015 the thought my every move on the internet was being watched definitely changed my ways.

This aside, I wanted to research what else falls under an act of infringing upon the copyright act that may seem harmless to the amateur creator like me and what I found made me start to worry that there is less and less you can do. Site after site I found rules for publishing content online which really takes the excitement out of putting your stuff out there if you’re given reasons why your work is not your own. These days in a tech driven society, our every move monitored and regulated, I can’t help think that a lack of freedom means for a lack of expression.. which a terrible thought in a intensely growing society like ours.


2 Replies to “Copyright = Party pooper”

  1. Interesting post, I’ve always though the same in terms of copyright and torrenting movies, tv, and music. Even though I know I should be supporting the companies that produce the content, its hard to afford to go out and purchase it, especially as a broke uni student. Which in turn is why things like Netflix and Stan have become such powerful distribution mediums for viewed content, and will probably take over DVD’s and CD’s as well as pay TV for good. Great post and I loved the meme 😀 This link is also a good read and watch on copyright issues and its restrictions.


  2. Hey Eliza,
    Whenever someone mentions copyright and illegally downloading i immediately think of limewire, pirate bay and UTorrent. I’ve found that users do not have much respect for these rules and regulations of copyright as negative repercussions rarely are seen- do you know someone personally who has been caught illegally downloading and received a fine? Copyright by users is often seen as just an obstacle. For large corporations and producers copyright is much more of a serious matter as seen in this article about the fashion industry copyright current issue: .
    Great blog!


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