You can be famous too

The term 'micro-celebrity' has come into play since the rise of social media platforms, offering anyone who is active users of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, twitter and blogging sites the chance to fall under the celebrity umbrella. The term 'celebrity' is the ability to back yourself as an investment and create a likeable persona that builds a … Continue reading You can be famous too


Remix Culture

John Philip Sousa could have possibly be the reason why remix culture never thrived. Sousa campaigned for stricter copyright laws arguing that there was a cultural emptiness from the mechanical forms of art (Lessig 2008, p. 24). He was totally convinced that our culture would become less democratic, fewer people would be able to access … Continue reading Remix Culture

The ‘Postmodern’ takes matters into their own hands

Legacy media was once a stream of information fed to society which was consumed and often unquestioned, it was a centralised and controlled source of information. The birth of the internet, a distributed network, gave people access to multiple information sources taking silent consumers to listeners, who analysed, compared and challenegd information to form an … Continue reading The ‘Postmodern’ takes matters into their own hands